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Solar Magnification

A brand new solar technology which uses a series of small lenses in sequence, thinking of double magnifiers I have seen before (e.g. Figure 3 below). I recall as a child having both single and double magnifiers and we would burn leaves with each. I could easily see the double magnifier created far more energy so inductively I am thinking we could design collectors with panels of magnifiers aligned in sequence. The tracking of the sun would be similar to designs of today, of course it will be require more accuracy to track magnification but the abundance of energy created can help support the accuracy.

There is an interesting substance developed in Germany called Zeolite that could possibly be capable of storing the intense heat. We may also consider compressed hydrated fiberglass. This has been a central issue with the notion of solar power through magnification. So I'm thinking solar panels could be designed with micro lenses in series which could focus much higher energy that c…